556727_10201878497220607_1461283341_n Positive Thinking… is as good as a Superstition if that is all you do…think positive. People are determined to change a situation in their lives by injecting positive thoughts and for most part it doesn’t work, but for those who know how to do it right, it is an act that attracts miracles. Positive thinking by itself doesn’t work because attached to it is HOPING that it will work. Hoping will not create the outcome, it is FAITH that moves mountains. Positive thinking is the first step you take. Having good thoughts to intentionally bring in what you desire is the way to start. One has to keep practicing these good thoughts without wishing and hoping for the outcome. The act of thinking positive is just that … an action. If we attach the outcome we become needy and frustrated until we lose patience and give up. Then we say “ it doesn’t work.” We go back to taking the necessary and available means to solving our problems. This is why most people say “ I hope thinking positive thoughts work.” because it doesn’t always work for them. However, if we are focused on the practice of thinking good thoughts directed to what we want to create in our life, the energy of positive thoughts magnifies. It achieves momentum and attracts the things that we are trying to bring forth. By not focusing on the end result or the desired outcome we don’t feel the lack of that desire which slows down the process. When we finally get into the habit of practicing the positive thoughts without the focus of the outcome, we forget the desire because we begin to feel happy and it doesn’t matter so much whether the outcome is here, or not here yet. Another sign of progress is that you begin to believe that it is possible and it is! because you are now allowing the unseen Source to work it for you instead of just your Ego pushing it’s way to get what it wants. Due to the work you did …ie.

  • Thinking positive
  • Practicing the positive thinking without attachment to the desire until it becomes a habit.
  • Believing that it is possible
  • Allowing for the desire to be brought to you.

you are able to align your desire with God/Source’s desire. When it matches the Source/God’s will…it will be brought to you at the right time with the very least effort and it will happen very quickly. So you better be listening and ready. This I can guarantee. It has happened to me many, many times. The saying “when it’s meant to be it will be” describes this reality perfectly. Sometimes no matter what positive thinking we do, no matter how we practice and believe it, it still may not happen. The reason is because it is not intended for us in the first place. If it is for your higher good, chances are it will be answered. If it isn’t? It is still answered according to what your soul’s needs are and not what your ego wants. So put your desires in check…is it your Soul’s need and desires or is it your Ego’s. If it is you Soul’s be patient without waiting and be ready.


As Light filters to the New Earth, we will be faced with many challenges.  You may be experiencing difficulties arising in your life right now more than ever before, it is because as Light comes to the planet, each human being is being stripped off their egos. The dark within us that causes suffering must surface to be released. In order for us to release this, we are thrown challenges to deal with. How we react depends on the choices we make…we can choose to be beings of Light or we can be beings of darkness.

During this time when our planet is experiencing the Great Change in awakening, even the Lightworkers who have devouted their time and effort to being in the Light in order to help balance the world, they too are having a rough time, even tougher time now because anything that the ego has not let go yet is coming up. The Light is washing all of us. It is like being in a washing machine, we will all continue to be in the washing machine of Light until we are clean, ready for the new life awaiting us in the New Earth where love, peace, harmony, balance, joy and abundance is waiting.

We cannot just let the light do the work for us. The work we need to do is to know what attitude to apply when problems arise. How do we react? Do we react fighting it? Do we resist what we don’t like happening in our life at this time? Or do we accept it without resistance and go with the flow and trust that things will work out just fine, because you know …it will, you know why? Our Light energy will attract the solutions that will solve the issues. Remember the saying “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only Light can do that…” The same principle applies here. We need to tap into that light within us, each of us carry this light. When we resist, we are only given more to resist about, challenges will appear until we learn to respond with love and compassion, patience, understanding, and joy no matter what. It’s not easy to do but that’s what is asked of us. This is the Divine plan and we need to participate in making the change in order for us to move to the New Earth where we’ll never have to deal with any kind of suffering anymore… that pain that our ego created.


By Tsuneaki HiramatsuLate last night, I decided to finally see the movie Finding Neverland again. After the movie was over, I was in tears. I realized that I am living James Barrie’s story of Peter Pan and that I too have a Neverland. Bob and I have created our Neverland. Our Neverland is very real to us. We discuss it every day, anything we do today is connected to our Neverland and we both believe that one day we will be in this place. Sounds like we have lost our minds and that we are living in fairytales? I guess that’s what happens when you live in the 5th Dimension. In the 5th Dimension you let go of hardship, everything is light and easy and you live your life like a child because nothing is holding you back anymore. You’ve let go of pain and sufferings, you almost turn invincible. This is where you learn to heal yourself, that you are self-sustaining and not dependent of society’s old beliefs, that you live without fear and you believe that everything is provided for you naturally. The world does not tie you down anymore, you are free. In this time of Spiritual Awakening we all have a Neverland, this is the 5th Dimension, the New Earth, the Golden Age.  It seems like a Neverland because we don’t see it, many don’t believe in it, and it takes some work to get there but we are all headed there and like Peter Pan said, “… but you must believe.”


“During this time it is important to stay in your truth. Be authentic. Anything less will find you caught in old patterns. This is a time of great releasing, not only releasing that which no longer serves but the confines of time and space that have held you. This is your moment to determine how you want your future to look. This is your time to realize your power of creation, manifesting what you need. In order to do that, you must not bind yourself in the beliefs and constructs of others.  No one’s truth is more important than yours. Each of you have your own mission and what is required of you will be different for each of you. Giving someone else’s experiences more credence than your own is returning to the matrix and the chains that have held you. You all are masters in your own right beginning to remember who you are.”  

Awakening the Miraculous in You by Christine Horner



1) Attend to your treatment without attachment.
Attachment is the feeling of resistance or the feeling of vulnerability (feeling of hopelessness, pity, anger or resentment). It is any negative emotions you feel while undergoing the treatment that could be as simple as taking a medication.

2) Accept the disease (dis-EASE). You can go further…LOVE the disease. What this means is that you no longer resist it. Why do you think this approach works, you say? If you send love you are sending a high vibrational energy to your body. When you send love you become that high energy and anything that is in high frequency also attracts the equivalent high and positive frequency. Disease is a low vibrational energy, it cannot stay in a high vibrational place.

3) Stay Positive, Avoid Stress, Be Happy
I read that some cancer patients would watch comedy because they like to laugh and laughter cures them. Again, it’s about staying in the high vibrational energy of what you want. You want good Health, bring in an energy that matches it. The feeling of depression, worry, fear, all that creates stress in our life are not helpful in creating a healthy body.

4) Avoid finding out more information about your disease. I’m sure your doctors have already told you more than you need to know. In this case, Knowledge is not Power. What you need to do is put the information aside and move on, practice the tips on this article  . Some people also like to find out more about their symptoms. When they are feeling off, they research what’s going on. I’m not saying that you should not try to find out. If you feel that you need to see the doctor, by all means do so. Listen to your heart but avoid too much research that will cause you unnecessary worry and the Egoic mind will start playing with your head.

5) Forgive yourself. if you are sick, stop entertaining guilt. You can turn your condition around by loving yourself instead of judging yourself. Do what you need to do to heal and look after your body the best you can. Our body’s cells change so often and they regenerate new healthy cells. When you love yourself the cells react to that high vibration and this maintains the health of the cells. If you don’t feel loving about yourself, the health of the cells get destroyed. Healthy cells thrive in a healthy and positive environment.

6) Stop talking about the disease. This applies from headaches, bodily aches and pains, flus to bigger illnesses. You are not the disease so don’t focus on it so much. Complaining about it like you want people to sympathize with you, only creates a negative energy surrounding you that vibrationally feeds the disease. There are so many dramas in the world you don’t need to add to it. Remember you want to heal, you need to be positive…
LOVE = High Vibration Energy = Downfall of the Disease
COMPLAINING = Low Vibration Energy = Rise of the Disease
Stay in the high vibration to attract the high vibrational energy, disease is a low vibrational energy.

7) It is important to work on your vibration. I can’t stress this enough. We are made of energy. Our health is being affected by the way we think and feel. If we are carrying a grudge, hatred, anger, fear it takes a toll in our bodies. One of the things that was required for my husband’s healing when he went on a Spiritual retreat was to forgive everything he needed to forgive. Release anything that is not of love so you can free your energy from the low frequency that made you sick in the first place.

8) Think you are well, Act like you are well, Believe that you are well.
I guess one of the advantages I practiced all my life is that I believe I am always well despite the past abuse I did to my body. I ate all the wrong kinds of food but I did not worry about my health, didn’t listen to caring people about how this or that disease was in my genes. I’m not saying that you carelessly ignore any signs or words from your loved ones. What I am getting to is that my mind was not full of fear. Luckily I was able to turn around and able to change the way I eat. I must admit part of my not acquiring the disease was that I had a healthy mind. I did not let my mind be influenced. If you find that you are already sick, it’s not too late yet. You can begin to choose your thoughts now. Start to think you are well, Act like you are well and Believe that you are well and you will be. Don’t wish for it “I want to be well, I wish or I hope I get well”… none of these. You ARE THAT and you BECOME THAT.

9) Inform yourself of the natural remedies and spiritual modalities available rather than just relying on medicine. We know that medicine have side effects. You are trying to heal one disease only to replace it with another or end up having more than the one you had. There are many ways to heal your body but sometimes it’s just easier to go to the doctor and get a prescription. We don’t take control of our bodies this way.
10) Remember, you are not just a physical form, you are an ENERGY. Your energy plays a major part in your health. Clear your energy and there will not be blockages manifesting in your body that will appear as a disease. Work on the wellness of the mind, spirit and the body will follow. Meditation helps with the mind. It relieves stress, maintains your balance and relaxes your mind. There is no better medicine for the mind than that of a stress free and peaceful mind. Release all the baggage you are carrying from your past (be it relationship, life events and situations) and the weight of your current life brought by unwanted relationships, events and situations. Let go of the fear of the future. When you do, you will feel your spirit lightens up and I promise you… you will feel good.

11) Take care of your Body. It is said, you are what you eat. The information we were fed by the corporations that brought us our food is now being proven wrong. We have to reassess our food choices. We have only one body that houses the Spirit that is ONE with the SOURCE that created us. We are here with a divine purpose which is to serve God as a co-creator of his Divine will. Look after this body so we can do what we came here for.

My goal for sharing this is for us to proactively take control of our lives and to empower us to regain or maintain our health from looking it from within ourselves and not to be dependent only of the cure that others impose on us.


During last night’s Solstice Global Prosperity Meditation, a thought came to me in meditation as the audio talked about how we can change the global financial system so that humanity can live freely and equally. It goes like this…

How can you change? How about, for example… instead of your clients trying to bargain for your price so that they can keep more money for themselves, or trying to shop around so that they can get a better deal, or hold back because they think they cannot spend the money…you have a client that is confident and trusts in you that you deliver good services. They are also confident that there’s plenty of money to go around. You deliver quality goods and you walk away happy. You need not collect money, nor need to even name the price, it’s all up to them. They happily pay you because they appreciate you, they honour you for what they think you deserve which often is beyond your expectation. You are inspired to do your best all the time, loving what you do because you know you have helped others. The client is happy, they receive a great service and they feel abundance must be shared.Image

Now, too idealistic? You must be thinking I am a dreamer and that this will never happen in the real world. You are right!

That is why we need help. That why we as a collective need to change our focus, by being aware of where we are and where we want to go. Why did I think this is even possible. In the New Earth ( which many are aware of the transformation) the way of life is about LOVE, as God meant it to be. From the example above, the established (3D) way of doing things are based on FEAR, LACK and GREED. Fear of letting go of money because they might find themselves lacking supply of money if they let go of it and therefore making the service provider feeling the same fear and lack by not having the money in exchange for their hardwork. And of course, Greed because people who can afford to pay will short change anyways because that is the society’s practice.

But if we do it the new way, what comes out of every move is LOVE. The love to share, the love to appreciate. Money becomes a spiritual means to spread LOVE rather that a cause of hardship. Everything is supposed to be easy, as the Law of Least Effort that God has created. Our lives are intended by God to be beautiful and easy and not labourious. The birds didn’t need worry at all and Jesus taught us to be the same. But we humans have been dragged by being asleep and being unconscious about what we as spiritual beings are meant to have and be.

Would this example happen, probably not exactly as I told but there will be changes because we will be FREED. It is coming.

Photo by greekshares.com

untitledGoing through the Alchemy is not an easy process. When the soul is transforming, deep cleansing is needed and heavy negative issues are coming out to be released, to learn how to forgive and let go, how to drop negativity, the feeling of smallness and powerlessness. The soul is learning who he/she truly is.

That is what has been happening to me during the last few weeks, it may even have been months! I knew that I couldn’t stay in this spot for a long time. I know I have to raise my vibration quickly, in order for me to serve my purpose in life. It is very important that I springboard back to being a positive individual to evolve into a newly reborn spirit. I have learned how to use spiritual tools and I know I am well-equipped to pass this test. I just need now to turn around to get out of this low vibration experience I have been sitting on for a long time now.
So it’s time to act and put all the knowledge into practice.

1) I knew that I had to release the negative energy I had been carrying, so yesterday I committed myself into clearing my energy. I smudged with sage and I meditated with my CD Chanting the Chakras (Roots of Awakening) by Layne Redmond. I have found this CD very helpful when I needed to cleanse my energy. It unblocks energy. Once I listened to this CD, I could feel the energy run through me and I felt joyful as my spirit was being uplifted.

2) I knew that I need to forgive. I needed to forgive my situation, everyone and everything involved in the situation. I needed to forgive myself for reacting and holding on to a situation I didn’t like rather than accepting and letting it go without owning it. I knew better but my soul needed to go there in order for me to completely release it.

3) This morning, I woke up and first thing I did was count my blessings.

4) Afterwards I said my Affirmations…with I AM.
I AM Love… (going within and feeling how God is love and so I AM)
I AM Goodness (feeling how God is all Goodness and so I AM)
I AM Joy (feeling how God is Joy and so I AM)
I AM Beauty (feeling how God is Beauty and so I AM)
I AM Abundant (feeling how God is Abundant and so I AM)
I AM Creative (feeling how God is Creative and so I AM)

At the end of this affirmation I felt powerful, it’s like suddenly I have God’s power within me, and I become like Him.
Then I said… “Let there be prosperity in my life.”
“ Let there be clients knocking at our door, old prospects ready for Bob’s help, new prospects searching for Bob, and work lined up for us easily.”
I continued my affirmations/ intentions this way, then I realized…when God created us and our planet, He created it with His Consciousness, His Mind and His Love. He created them with ease. The Law of Manifestation teaches us to create by using our minds and feelings, being in the state of purity and therefore a mind that knows possibilities, isn’t that asking us to imitate God?  Also, isn’t it true that in order to manifest, we need to align ourselves with God, which to me is to be like His image and likeness…to be like gods and goddesses. I know people who refer us all as gods and goddesses but I really never paid attention to it. I knew what they mean but it didn’t really hit me like the way I understood it now. My exercise about affirming my intentions like I AM the God within me and feeling His power made me aware of my strength within that I can create anything easily for God created with no effort. He brought us the Law of Least Effort because He wanted us all to know that it is what is intended. Man created work, but we are more than just a man. Each of us is given access to this power but because of our ego, we never really found this.

As it turned out, Bob didn’t put in his usual 8 hours of work. Today he too changed his practices. He let the Law of the Least Effort work for him.
“The fourth spiritual law of success is the Law of Least Effort. This law is based on the fact that nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease and abandoned carefreeness. This is the principle of least action, of no resistance. This is, therefore, the principle of harmony and love.” By Deepak Chopra
This morning he had four appointments and one referral which landed his 5th appointment.

As for me, my day was productive. I was feeling inspired, ready to create, I saw beauty around me, I had joy in my heart, had a spring in my step and love was back in all aspect of my life.

When we find out who we truly are…we have access to the kingdom of God.
So, I AM moving forward…happily!

untitledThe last two days, I found myself giving into lower energies by noticing my beloved husband’s reaction on daily life situations. I was attentive to the way he talked, the thoughts and emotions he unconsciously sent out. In the 3D world we live in today and moving away from, his action is NORMAL. However, if you are working on being “AWAKE” and making an effort to transform into a more loving human being, all these “normality” needs to be tweaked in order to evolve into an enlightened person. We are heading to the Golden Era of our New World and we couldn’t just be unconsciously reacting and sending low vibrations into our space. Mind you I did too but I was conscious about my reactions and chose to dwell on it anyways. Frustration sat in, rather than turning around to be loving and compassionate.

So during meditation today, I asked for help. I knew that I needed to get past this frustration. How can I be loving instead of correcting and making him understand or be aware of his actions? I knew I couldn’t continue to hold his hand, I quit doing this because I realized, he has to do the work himself, find his own way towards his transformation. I know he makes the effort and he really tries but because the work that has to be done is different from the “norm” it is the not easy. I’m sure it didn’t come easy for me as well at the beginning. It is just hard for me to see the negativity of the “old practice” because I worked hard on eliminating old beliefs and practices to enjoy the fuller and freer life.

I began meditating by asking Archangel Michael to clear all the negativity in my energy field, within my body, in the crevices of my internal system, between my cells and organs. I imagined releasing it to Archangel Michael. Then I thanked him for his continued assistance. (As you may already guess, I call upon him a lot when it comes to clearing and raising my vibration.) I then offered all that I know, the wisdom, knowledge and understanding back to God. This way, I didn’t own them, I surrendered everything I know to Him. I was empty again and I was ready to listen.

The first thought that came to me was …“Listen to your breathing. Do you feel life as you inhale and exhale? That is God, the life force in you and in every one of you. That is energy within you, some call it spirit, soul but regardless of what you call it, it is something that gives you life. Let’s keep this simple, let’s remove the labels or names. Let’s remove the religious teachings, beliefs, personalities, one’s character, gender, race …that life force is still there. Regardless of who you think you are, that doesn’t change the life force within you. What you see in others exists in you. Remove all the complicated stuff (that man created) i.e. religion,  beliefs based on society’s practices and their past, personalities, education, professions, wealth accumulations, race and genders, international borders, you are all made of the same life force who is God, you are all created from One Source. These complicated stuff caused you to be separated from one another, competing rather than loving one another. Now that you understand this…see the light and goodness in everyone. The God in you is present in others. Compassion is built by overlooking the mistakes and shortcomings of others.

I realized that by God’s grace I am able to know what I now know. He gave me the Grace of Courage to make the change, the Grace of Passion to be committed to my transformation, the Grace of Understanding to follow this road, the Grace to Hear so I can act, and the Grace of Faith so I can stay on this path. It dawns on me that Grace is freely given by God at the right time to everyone. I really don’t know the Grace my husband is receiving but now I know that God gives him what he needs for his own evolvement today.

This changed my perspective. I realized that I now can be loving instead of needing to correct. I could choose to see the beauty in every bad situation. Would it be easy? Heck no! but I know I can try to focus on the gift that God gave me in my husband. I wouldn’t be able to reach where I am now spiritually without his support. He allowed me to grow and expand so I guess I should be there to support him as well, and trust that God has him covered because God is within him.