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1.)  Bob’s physical and spiritual healing from seeing John of God. His trip to the Casa de Dom Inacio gave him instant healing to an abdominal muscle tear, and an 8 year old knee injury and 25 years of lower back lumbar disc injury not to mention the beginning of a deeper spiritual connection with God. Because of these blessings, he is now regularly exercising at the ROO, doing ball work, mat work, some yoga and other lifting exercises that he couldn’t do since his back injury. Now he walks fast, without a limp and he feels younger and more energetic.

2.) Reunion with my sisters from the Philippines. For the first time, the whole family was complete after 30 years. Having my two sisters in Canada was truly a wonderful gift.

3.) I launched my Lifecoaching practice with the opening of Create a Charmed Life Coaching Inc. office in January, followed by my first wellness show at the Fairmont hotel.

It was a blessing to be invited to take part at their employee’s wellness program. This year was the beginning of my Teen Lifeclass Vancouver courses and completing 2012 with the new Parish Meditation Support Group.

4.) My Spiritual trip to Abadiania to see John of God. I had not expected the love I received in this place. The Entities of the Casa embraced me beyond words could ever express.

5.) Hosting the Archangels was an experience that my family and I will never forget.

6.) Summer in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Love being close to nature. The ocean, the sunset, the moonlight at the beach as we had our bonfire. It’s here where I finally ate crab!… I had been longing to try since I my last trip to the Philippines 20 years ago.

7.) The creation of our Secret Garden. I love this quiet place at our home because I can enjoy just “being”, watching the caterpillars, birds, squirrels and the sun. This is my happy place.

8.) Summer with BFFs from Seattle. Their visit is always  special.

9.) Great Concerts … Pavlo, Chicago, George Benson, Jason Mraz & Christina Perry, to listening to my favourite authors, speakers  and my spiritual teachers…Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Robert Holden, Bruce Lipton & Gregg Braden.

10.) My Birthday Tea Party – prepared by my husband, who invited the guests and decorated the house and my daughter who baked so many special desserts.


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I was still lying in bed, I slowly opened my eyes.

There was silence. No thoughts came till.

I remembered Bob kissing me goodbye.

I smiled, I knew it’s another day and

It’s going to be a beautiful day.

I like to lounge a while in bed every morning,

to feel the space of the moment.

I don’t want to get up until more thoughts arrive.

I only allow good thoughts so I wait for thoughts of gratitude.

I looked around the bedroom.

First thing I saw was the ray of sunshine

on the window. Then I said ” thank YOU”.

By now, my mind was awake.

I looked at my hands, my fingers and I remembered my

legs and feet, the ones that carried me through all my exercise classes.

Then I said “Thank YOU”.

As I got up, my mind was becoming active.

It started to tell me what my day will be like.

All the things I have to do.

Then I pause to say ” Thank YOU”.

I didn’t allow my active mind to go any more further.

I got the reminder, thank you.

Now I started walking accompanied by a silent mind.

I passed by the family room.

There a bunch of pretty deep red roses popped to say good morning.

My eyes appreciated the beauty.

This same beauty is in the living room and my office.

I am now overwhelmed with gratitude.

My prayer is not only of gratitude, I ask for His guidance on

how I can work this day serving Him.

Giving Thanks is to receive.

I just want to let Him know that I’m here to give as well.

My motto is I’m here, willing, ready and able.

So on this beautiful day, the Gift I received from God,

I am open for miracles, serendipitous moments, and joy.


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