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1) Attend to your treatment without attachment.
Attachment is the feeling of resistance or the feeling of vulnerability (feeling of hopelessness, pity, anger or resentment). It is any negative emotions you feel while undergoing the treatment that could be as simple as taking a medication.

2) Accept the disease (dis-EASE). You can go further…LOVE the disease. What this means is that you no longer resist it. Why do you think this approach works, you say? If you send love you are sending a high vibrational energy to your body. When you send love you become that high energy and anything that is in high frequency also attracts the equivalent high and positive frequency. Disease is a low vibrational energy, it cannot stay in a high vibrational place.

3) Stay Positive, Avoid Stress, Be Happy
I read that some cancer patients would watch comedy because they like to laugh and laughter cures them. Again, it’s about staying in the high vibrational energy of what you want. You want good Health, bring in an energy that matches it. The feeling of depression, worry, fear, all that creates stress in our life are not helpful in creating a healthy body.

4) Avoid finding out more information about your disease. I’m sure your doctors have already told you more than you need to know. In this case, Knowledge is not Power. What you need to do is put the information aside and move on, practice the tips on this article  . Some people also like to find out more about their symptoms. When they are feeling off, they research what’s going on. I’m not saying that you should not try to find out. If you feel that you need to see the doctor, by all means do so. Listen to your heart but avoid too much research that will cause you unnecessary worry and the Egoic mind will start playing with your head.

5) Forgive yourself. if you are sick, stop entertaining guilt. You can turn your condition around by loving yourself instead of judging yourself. Do what you need to do to heal and look after your body the best you can. Our body’s cells change so often and they regenerate new healthy cells. When you love yourself the cells react to that high vibration and this maintains the health of the cells. If you don’t feel loving about yourself, the health of the cells get destroyed. Healthy cells thrive in a healthy and positive environment.

6) Stop talking about the disease. This applies from headaches, bodily aches and pains, flus to bigger illnesses. You are not the disease so don’t focus on it so much. Complaining about it like you want people to sympathize with you, only creates a negative energy surrounding you that vibrationally feeds the disease. There are so many dramas in the world you don’t need to add to it. Remember you want to heal, you need to be positive…
LOVE = High Vibration Energy = Downfall of the Disease
COMPLAINING = Low Vibration Energy = Rise of the Disease
Stay in the high vibration to attract the high vibrational energy, disease is a low vibrational energy.

7) It is important to work on your vibration. I can’t stress this enough. We are made of energy. Our health is being affected by the way we think and feel. If we are carrying a grudge, hatred, anger, fear it takes a toll in our bodies. One of the things that was required for my husband’s healing when he went on a Spiritual retreat was to forgive everything he needed to forgive. Release anything that is not of love so you can free your energy from the low frequency that made you sick in the first place.

8) Think you are well, Act like you are well, Believe that you are well.
I guess one of the advantages I practiced all my life is that I believe I am always well despite the past abuse I did to my body. I ate all the wrong kinds of food but I did not worry about my health, didn’t listen to caring people about how this or that disease was in my genes. I’m not saying that you carelessly ignore any signs or words from your loved ones. What I am getting to is that my mind was not full of fear. Luckily I was able to turn around and able to change the way I eat. I must admit part of my not acquiring the disease was that I had a healthy mind. I did not let my mind be influenced. If you find that you are already sick, it’s not too late yet. You can begin to choose your thoughts now. Start to think you are well, Act like you are well and Believe that you are well and you will be. Don’t wish for it “I want to be well, I wish or I hope I get well”… none of these. You ARE THAT and you BECOME THAT.

9) Inform yourself of the natural remedies and spiritual modalities available rather than just relying on medicine. We know that medicine have side effects. You are trying to heal one disease only to replace it with another or end up having more than the one you had. There are many ways to heal your body but sometimes it’s just easier to go to the doctor and get a prescription. We don’t take control of our bodies this way.
10) Remember, you are not just a physical form, you are an ENERGY. Your energy plays a major part in your health. Clear your energy and there will not be blockages manifesting in your body that will appear as a disease. Work on the wellness of the mind, spirit and the body will follow. Meditation helps with the mind. It relieves stress, maintains your balance and relaxes your mind. There is no better medicine for the mind than that of a stress free and peaceful mind. Release all the baggage you are carrying from your past (be it relationship, life events and situations) and the weight of your current life brought by unwanted relationships, events and situations. Let go of the fear of the future. When you do, you will feel your spirit lightens up and I promise you… you will feel good.

11) Take care of your Body. It is said, you are what you eat. The information we were fed by the corporations that brought us our food is now being proven wrong. We have to reassess our food choices. We have only one body that houses the Spirit that is ONE with the SOURCE that created us. We are here with a divine purpose which is to serve God as a co-creator of his Divine will. Look after this body so we can do what we came here for.

My goal for sharing this is for us to proactively take control of our lives and to empower us to regain or maintain our health from looking it from within ourselves and not to be dependent only of the cure that others impose on us.



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Raising Vibration

Raising Vibration

While having breakfast, my husband was telling me a story about what he saw the other day in the library. A group of girls were using the study room and from the glass window he could see that they were actually studying. He commented “hmm, they are actually using the room for what it is intended.”  His attention was interrupted when two girls opened the door and asked the girls to leave because they said they reserved the room. The first group of girls thought they reserved it but they left anyway.

I must admit I couldn’t listen to all these. I asked him “why did you take note of this. You were not involved with them except that you were an observer of the situation and yet you allowed yourself to be bothered by what you were observing, to a point of telling the story now.”  We let situations around us get us wound up, creating a negative emotion when the situation is not really ours.  This is the same with traffic, we watch someone cut someone off, or one person did something unbelievable which at times is not to us, but we criticize and judge them based on what we see.


Photo taken from Raising Vibration with Paige Hall Ferraro.com

I learned to ignore this. I don’t see why I should let this into my space, my vibration when really it doesn’t make me happy. The fact too is that the people whom I am observing don’t know me and don’t know I am even there.  When we talk about raising our vibration, we mean we must embrace all that is positive, all that good, all that is beautiful, all that is joyful, abundant, peaceful…ALL that GOD IS. When we stay in this state, our energy is high. Low vibration is when we allow anything negative, seeing the bad in a situation, things or people, or FOCUSING on what is not right in a situation or what others are doing. Staying in high vibration is when we practice LOVE. How can we be loving if we see the opposite of what is good. How can we send love to others when we fill our being with negative energy that doesn’t even belong to us but we chose to bring it into our being.  I know that before you can send love, you must be filled with love and that you must be a clear vessel for that love to be shared. One cannot be a vessel of pure love if part of that vessel is smudged by unloving thoughts or emotions. By being Love, we raise everyone’s vibration with us for WE ARE ALL ONE. Can you imagine if each and every one of us practice this way? I think when we talk about the coming of the New Era where all sufferings are gone and all we have is joy, each of us have a responsibility on how we feel. This not to change ourselves to be loving instantaneously. It helps to just be aware, be conscious on what we focus on. When we are conscious, we can choose what to follow…our hearts to be loving, or our minds that wants to think about who or what is right or wrong.

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How May I Serve You?

untitledToday, being a Wednesday, I connected with the Casa De Dom Inacio’s Current Meditation. It has been my practice since my visit to Abadiania in 2012. Most of the time when I meditate, I feel a surge of energy come to me. I have interpreted it as maybe me being a conduit of energy for those I love, sending healing light and love to them. Sometimes, I thought maybe this was a calling that I must do but today, during meditation something was different.

I began to prepare myself to receive energy, remembering the people I cared for, bringing them with me in thoughts so I could send them love, light and healing. Instead, I found myself asking God “How may I serve You today? “

I was surprised at the response I got. I was not directed to stay still and let the energy to flow to me, instead I found myself having conversation with God in my head. The answer that came to me was “I AM not over there. I AM here inside you, I live within you.” What I would like you to do is to create a place for me where I could happily reside. It’s like your own house, you like your house clean, beautiful, rich, happy and full of love. I want that paradise inside you where I reside. This is how you can serve me, because if you allow me to have this I can expand, I can experience bigger things because I AM comfortable, I AM in my own territory because I see Myself here, I AM welcome. If you can do this, I can create with you.” Then I imagined God being happy, wanting to play, leaping for joy like a child in this paradise saying “Let’s create, let’s create!” All of a sudden…I got it! This insight is about manifestation! I am being given another tool on how to create the life I want! Of course, if I create this paradise within me, I am able to align myself with what God is and because we are aligned, anything I want, He desires for me and together we will create that.

This make sense…if our inner self is full of things that weighs us down (which in comparison to the house we live in, are the garbage that we never dumped) they show up in our exterior life, our physical reality reflects our inner reality. I need to make sure that I don’t feel down about money issues, about health, relationships that are not working, work issues, I must make sure I don’t let anger stay longer, I don’t ever feel sorry for myself nor feel guilty ever, and that I should let go of past experiences that I have been reliving and the fear about the future. I didn’t realize that by doing these things that I so accustomed to and been living in an auto pilot, I am not serving God. Now I say YES! I will be HAPPY! If that is what takes to serve You, my God! I will be HAPPY! That way I can allow You to express Yourself through me.

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My upset with my esposo has been lingering for more than 24 hours and when it comes to him I could not let go so easily.

The day started just fine with him driving our daughter to the Ferry for her IB Art class excursion to Victoria. Since I wanted to say goodbye, I was up early as well. I found myself beginning work early to prepare whatever Bob needed to work his business. I took a late morning nap and when I got up it was 2 pm.

Quite hungry and still upset with him, I decided I would make a nice IHOP Brunch a la High Tea style for myself, inspired or more likely because I was envious that my daughter got to do high tea at the Empress Hotel before I do. I took out a tea set from the cabinet, chose the one I liked the most, and the tea plates that I seldom use. Because we are on a Paleo diet ( I really call it a lifestyle) I whipped some Lemon Blueberry Almond Pancakes (using almond meal and no flour), cooked some Turkey Cranberry Sausage and I thought some Kale omelette too but I discarded that the last minute and replaced it with Kerrygold cheese and watermelon. The tea I chose today was the Puerh tea.

As the food was cooking, I gathered some blue hydrangeas, my books, journals, camera and my water carry them all outside preparing a nice backyard setting to enjoy my only meal of the day so far.

I thought ” I have to pull away from this low vibration, it’s not good, I’m wasting a good part of my life focusing what is already over.” Since it’s not always easy like I said when it comes to my hubby, I needed to do something “beautiful.” Add peace, beauty and goodness ( all light and high vibration) to replace the dark, and ugly feeling of being angry. Now, I am grateful for Daphne’s high tea for it gave me an idea to apply on myself.

I cooked for both me & hubby of course, but I got to serve myself the brunch a la high tea style and he had to serve himself. I sat outside in the backyard and he sat in the nook area just behind me with a window in between us. Yes, we could still converse with each other. He dared not ask me if he could join me. I kind wanted him to, but at the same time, I also enjoyed eating alone, enjoying my setting alone.

I enjoyed watching the white butterfly that almost came charging at me only to stop as it hit the banner and a dragonfly came to pass by. The sky was blue, the breeze was warm and yet nice. The sound of the water fountain and the chime was soothing. I found myself watching two bees playing, smiling as I stared at them frolicking. Then a bee came close to my watermelon. I didn’t react nervously, in fact I calmly told it to “go away”. Three times and I saw it moved away and didn’t return. “AHA!”
what did I just learn here. In relationships, there will be bumps along the way. One can resolve it by harping on the blip. OR, if I really want to have a beautiful life, I cannot allow to waste it by being upset. I can choose to let low vibrational energies like anger, upset fall away FAST by replacing it with high vibrational energy like beauty, as in this afternoon’s case…nature, wonderful settings, healthy food, which eventually lead to LOVE. I tell you, all these blessings made me smile and it’s hard not to forgive and forget. It’s true, you cannot combat darkness with darkness. The saying an “eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth” is not how we find LOVE. If we want to be loving, we must find a space to love ourselves first, to allow us see you the light. Once we see the light, we return to aligning ourselves to God’s goodness and love and then with God’s grace we go back to being loving.

All is well, my hubby and I have patched up and as he said ” You are my angel, one with a mean streak but an angel regardless.





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Do something fun today.
If you’re relaxing, let yourself relax, without guilt, without worrying about the work that is undone. …

If you’re with loved ones, let yourself love them, and let them love you. Let yourself feel close. Let yourself enjoy your work, for that can be pleasurable too.
If you’re doing something fun, let yourself enjoy it. What would feel good? What would you enjoy?
Is there a positive pleasure available? Indulge.
Recovery is not solely about stopping the pain. Recovery is about learning to make ourselves feel better; then it’s about making ourselves feel good. Enjoy your day.
Today, I will do something fun, something I enjoy, and something just for me. I will take responsibility for making myself feel good.
Excerpt from The Language of Letting Go

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How to live a Charmed Life Tip#22 Focus on the good things in life. Share what is a happy event, a happy thought, whether it’s you’re success or just having a good day. Don’t be shy what others would say. You are doing this for you, not for anyone else. We easily share our problems or what didn’t go well, why not turn around and share the good things. You’ll be surprise this helps attract more of the good things in your life. The Law of Attraction.

How to live a Charmed Life Tip #23 Allow good things to come into your life. Don’t reason out why you can’t have what you want in life. Let go of your thinking and just know that you deserve what you are asking for. When we think too much, most of the time we convince ourselves, why it’s not possible, so we settle for less. How can GOD give it to you then? You get what you think about.

How to live a Charmed Life Tip#24 Enjoy the journey to your dreams rather than trying to work hard to get there. When you take time to savour the small details minute by minute, life suddenly becomes full of blessings.

How to live a Charmed Life Tip#25 Open your heart and mind into receiving God’s goodness. Having something big to be thankful for doesn’t need to be an event. If you celebrate every small things and expect that everyday it’s going to be a celebration, you’ll have more big things to celebrate.

How to live a Charmed Life Tip#26 You must act on your desires. When the desire is strong, it is a nudge or an inspiration from God and you must act on it. Remember, God uses people and events to answer someone’s prayer, your’s and mine, by nudging us. So, it is important to know that all of us are connected and not separated.

How to live a Charmed Life Tip#27 You determine how much of a good life you have by the amount of inspiration you allow God to give you. Simply ask… and be open to receive.

How to live a Charmed Life Tip#28 Slow down. There’s no need to rush. Enjoy each moment. Remember man invented time and God did not. When you relax, you’ll get things done regardless.

How to live a Charmed Life Tip#29 You don’t always need to know what lies in the future. This prevents you from enjoying your living in the “now”. If things are not bright, you need to trust in God and believe, by remaining peaceful. The ego will want to KNOW, because the ego wants to rule. As the saying goes “ Do you want to be a HOSTAGE to your EGO or a HOST to GOD.”

How to live a Charmed Life Tip#30 When you remember that the basis of your action & decision is LOVE, the effect or outcome is happiness for you or for the others. If your action & decision is based on EGO whether it is fear or pride, the result is suffering.

How to live a Charmed Life Tip #31 Connect with your Higher Self to create your new reality. Don’t be so hooked up with what the human thinking’s reality is. If you think you are in pain at this moment and this proves to be true by the way you feel, don’t focus on it, don’t complain about. You give pain power that way. Instead create your new reality of “I am well”. Imagine and feel being well and find things to do to take your mind off the pain. This applies to money, happiness, all that you may desire. Choose the reality you want to energize and it will come to you.

How to live a Charmed Life Tip #32 Never feel guilty when you have plenty of time. Enjoy that moment to plant seeds of joy within you. Appreciate that time, savour it. It’s one of those magical moments that only you can create.

How to live a Charmed Life Tip #33 It is not hard to be happy. Try playing the “I Spy game” as you move from one place to another. Open your eyes on the things that you love, a beautiful vintage car passing by, that big poodle walking by, and say “I love that”. You’ll be surprise that your life is really lovely because you planted seeds of LOVE into your life and guess what? The Universe will bring it to you.

How to live a Charmed Life Tip #34 Believe. All these quotes from the past and the quotes from today are all true. People have applied and experienced them. They are not there to just warm your soul. You too can live that life, it’s your choice.

How to live a Charmed Life Tip #35 When you know that you are participating in life as a co-creator of God, you go with the phase as God plan and not according to your plan. At the end of the day, you will feel embraced by the confidence that all is well. So, no need to struggle or worry to get the result, all in God’s time and in the meantime …All is well.

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YES, I want Your Greatness to Manifest in my life,

Just like… You manifesting everything here on Earth.

YES, I want Your Miracles in my daily life.

YES, I will ALLOW You to work on my Life.

YES, I will STEP BACK and WATCH You.

YES, I will REPLACE my plans with Your Plans by going with the flow.

YES, I will LISTEN to You and Your instruction because I know Your instructions are better than mine.

YES, I will KEEP STILL to hear you.

YES, I will REMOVE my FEARS, JUDGEMENTS and  ATTACHMENTS to allow You to Manifest.





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