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ImageApril 27, 2012 after delaying submitting my application to the Consulate of Brazil for tourist visa, I finally went ahead. The purpose of my trip is to see John of God in Abadiania. My husband was there last February and received a miraculous healing. When he came back, he insisted that I should go there next and without him. He suggested that I should experience what he had experienced alone with no distraction, so I could get the maximum benefit from it. I was not thrilled to travel alone, thus the delay.

I have been travelling on the spiritual path for quite some time now. I live … breathe it from the moment I wake up. I practice to be conscious that sometimes I can hear two voices (my ego and my true self) sometimes one at a time sometimes both at the same time. This is how I learn to choose when making a decision. I recognize which one to follow. When I felt rushed, or nervous or if I am exerting too much effort, I know my ego is the one busy whispering. I don’t do anything when this happens, I wait. This is when I tell myself “if it’s meant to be, it will be”. This was exactly what happened in May, after I received my visa. I let it sit for a while.

In order to manifest anything one desires, one has to desire something passionately. I knew I wanted to go to Abadiania. There is no doubt. To begin the manifestation, I need to somehow commit to it. That’s when I decided to acquire the visa. This is my baby step towards this dream. When I got the visa, I wanted to make sure that I am allowing God to guide me, so I let it go for a while. During the wait I selected the date of when to join the tour (another baby step) and to get even deeper with my commitment, I started buying white outfits that I will need for the trip. I also checked flights, pricing them but not buying the ticket. The fact that I was checking, it contributed to the small things I can do at that time to realize this dream, again my baby step. People may think that we have to do something big in order for dreams to come true, sometimes… but really it is the small step that counts. Let the big ones come from God. Do the best you can and God will do the rest, in His own time.

I, then used Feng Shui to help me with my desire. In the Helping People and Travel area of the house, I placed my passport with my visa together with a written intention and the picture of John of God. I have the picture of him with the tour guides in another room. On a table where I used a bagua map and placed the prayer card of St. Ignatius de Loyola and the picture of John of God on the Travel & Helping People. All the time, I think of my intention. I say affirmations like “I am going to Abadiania” or I am seeing John of God” and I never believed otherwise.

I had no idea when this desire is going to materialize. Two months or so passed. One morning, I woke up in a beautiful morning, energized. I don’t get out of bed until I am fully awake and I start appreciating the gift of the new day. This morning, as I was getting ready to get up, I lifted my legs up in the air and as I saw them I thanked my legs for carrying me to all my exercises. This set me into launching out of bed, then… a thought (that looked like a voice) came to me. It said, “I am going to Abadiania, Yes! You are!”

I did not make anything out of it. I thought I was just so used to my affirmations this is just another one. However, I felt really happy when I said it.

Morning routine was being tackled. I sat down to check my computer and there I found that, that day was John of God’s birthday. This time the thought or the gut feeling that’s nudging me to pay close attention to how I felt was strong. I wondered “Could that voice be an invitation?” The answer seemed to be a strong YES, so I got very excited. I didn’t want to ignore this one. If it had happened any day and not on this day, I would probably just let it go. To me this is a sign.

I asked my husband to contact the tour group (my next baby step) to see if there is still a space, because if there were none available, I knew it was not the right time yet. Lo and behold, there was still a spot. Next, was to buy the ticket. I must admit, I almost backed out. I was ready to call the tour group to let them know that maybe this wasn’t the right time after I found out how much the ticket is worth. One was priced at 3,300 the other was 2,600. I just couldn’t make sense of it. I thought, I should have bought it in the Spring when the tickets were for less. I was prepared to give it up and to wait when flights get cheaper again.

But, knowing myself, I am never a quitter. I sat down to check for more flights again and this time it led me to a cheaper flight! Even cheaper and better flight than what my husband had. This time it’s a no brainer, I am definitely going to Abadiania.

So, my journey to see John of God has begun. I believe in miracles and this trip is turning to be one, full of it in many ways. Just to give you a kick, my flight has one stop over instead of the normal two ( my husband had three) and on the stop in Atlanta, my tour leaders will be in the same flight! This is very important because I am arriving a day earlier than the scheduled tour and I had to arrange an overnight stay in Brasilia before I can arrange a ride to Abadiania the following day. With my tour leaders flying with me, I get a ride and will stay in the Pousada a day early just like them.

I tell this over and over again, God is good. God wants us all to dream. If we allow Him to give us what we desire He will…always give it, in His own time.


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Friday after burning his energy level low and knowing that he was scheduled for another surgery on Wednesday, he took the weekend to recharge.

Monday morning, it was off to the sacred waterfall.  In order for one to go to the waterfall, you must have permission from the entities and you must have a guide to take you there. Once into the area, there must be total silence. From the Casa down into the ravine that the lookout oversees, there is a steep deeply rutted road to a parking lot. From there is a narrow foot path which is even steeper, leading to a small gate, where the group split by gender. From this point one progress further down into the ravine to a small bench. Here, they leave their shoes and personal items. Finally the last leg …going down further, to a small bridge leading to the stream and the waterfall.

One by one, they walk across the wet stone and submerge themselves into the cold water of the waterfall. To Bob it was like a baptism and then it changed into more of a rebirth as he came out of the water. Being low in the ravine, even though it’s full daylight it was dark, and as he climbed the foot path, he came out of the darkness into the light. It felt as an emergence into a new life. Still in silence, he got dressed without drying, climbed the steep narrow foot path taking strong strides without the use of the hand rail. If there was a testament to how well his knee and his back had recovered, his ability to navigate the path as sure footed as mountain goat, gave proof to his wellness. He couldn’t even last long walking in Costco or the mall before!

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Friday afternoon was Bob’s second time to pass in front of John of God with his second set of requests which were composed of spiritual, mental and physical requests.  For physical his request was to restore his eyes that he could have a perfect sight without the aid of eye glasses. What moved Bob was how John of God responded to his first to requests because he looked Bob deeply into the eyes, and smiled and nodded in an approving way.

That day, his eyes were dark brown. The first time Bob saw him his eyes were in white like marble, no pupil. He asked someone why, nobody really knew. It could mean he was in transition between entities, it could be that he was receiving a message. Bob couldn’t remember who the entities who worked on him. It didn’t matter to him. But each time John of God’s demeanor changed. The first time he was very focused and this time he was friendly.

At this point Bob still didn’t know what the second surgery was for. Friday night, Bob started to have a recurrent dream of John of God where he was asked by the medium if he had fulfilled a promise he made to the entities of which Bob said yes, and he was told “ then you are a son of the Casa, sit in my current and go to work. Of course, this was just a dream which happened over and over again for the rest of his time there.

One of the people in Bob’s tour group, a doctor who has been going there many times now had experienced John of God’s booming voice when he passed by to see him at one of the times he’d been there . After he made contact with John of God, the entity incorporating John at that time said loudly “ if everyone prepare like this man, I could do more”.

Between that Friday and the day of his second Surgery, the doctor was moved to share with Bob how he was able to prepare himself through meditation which apparently the doctor stopped sharing over the years. On Tuesday, Bob was taking notes from the doctors computer and realized that this was answers to his Spiritual request.

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February 23, 2012

Bob was asked on Wednesday to go to Surgery. This time he knew he was going for his third request since the back and the knee was already taken cared of. There, they were asked to close their eyes as the leader led them to their Spiritual healing. Bob’s third request was for him to get rid of his short temper and lack of patience. Although this was not really manifested in our daily lives, he tend to keep them to himself and it just added to the baggage he carried with him. Due to this, he was not easy to forgive because the hurt sat with him too long. The leader recited for them to touch the part they needed to heal, and for him it would be his heart. As he tried to lift his right hand to his heart, he felt his hand very heavy and he couldn’t move it. Then the leader recited ‘ your right hand is being held by Jesus.” After hearing this, a wave of love hit him hard, he felt a radiant beam of warmth, full of love that lasted for a few seconds. Tear started to run down his cheek. Then the leader asked them to do the same with their left hand. Although he could move his left hand, he still couldn’t lift it up. Then the leader said ” your left hand is being held by the Blessed Mother.”  This time he felt engulfed in a blanket of forgiveness so much so that the lack of patience and the propensity to quickly anger died within him. Again, while sincerely happy he was brought to tears.

After this invisible surgery, Bob had a massive headache to the right side of his brain, especially in the frontal temple lobe and base of the neck. The following day, a doctor who was on their tour group told him,that is exactly the areas that affects the temper and patience.

He was in tears intermittently all that evening and night. That night he also dreamed of choirs of angels singing.

Following surgery, he had his herb prescription filled and cabbed to the pousada where he spent the next 24 hours in his room asleep.

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Casa De Dom Inacio

Bob’s current experience was remarkable to say the least. He was determined to keep his eyes closed and to stay focused on concentrating while at the Current Room. In Current, the people are required to meditate and concentrate because it is a room where the chain of energy must not be broken. Apparently, if someone opens his eyes or not meditating, it hurts John of God.  Also, one must not cross their arms, legs or even your hands, as this too breaks the chain. If the current room radiates high energy through meditation, John of God could do more.

Bob had a back injury from 30 yrs ago. He chose not to be operated to have the lumbar disc removed and have the spine fused and therefore lived a life dealing with the pain. He could not sit on a pew at church for an hour so sitting in current room for 2 1/2 hours was not an easy task but he was committed.

While in Current after  about 1/2 hour of meditating, he started to experience involuntary muscle spasms. First was his one leg, then the other and as the spasms escalated, the bench shook, sometimes rather violently, at least in Bob’s mind. There was an open spot beside him, but this only made it worse as Bob was not just in full body spasm, but he was sliding to and fro on the bench. In retrospect, he wishes it was on film to see if what he was feeling was real. For all he knows, he was sitting calmly on the bench in deep, even though he swears otherwise. This went on for at least 1  1/2 hr. While this was going on he felt like sitting on a hot plate, it was extremely hot from the area of the tail bone and through the lumbar region into the lower to mid back. He was sweating profusely . Regardless, by the end of the current session, he was a total dish rag. He was about to ask for relief from the meditation when it was announced that everybody could open their eyes. He made it … barely.  After the blessing following the session he realized that for the last little bit, he was sitting on the bench without any discomfort.

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It was Wednesday morning, Bob’s first time in the lines to see John of God.

Before he entered the Main Hall, he met with the translator and handed his three requests on a piece of paper, which were then translated into Portuguese and the translator handed it  back to him before he proceeded to the line. His three requests to bring for healing were, his knee, his herniated lumbar disc and several prolapsed discs and since his left abdomen was already cured, he asked for spiritual healing for temper and impatience.

The Main Hall was packed and the first time line would take a while to be called so he was taking in the process and trying to practice meditation and channeling while waiting to be called. Then he noticed his left knee got warmer and warmer until it was so hot. He was uncomfortable to be wearing white trousers! The heat was constant during the wait. Once the first time line was called the heat disappeared and his left knee, the total reason for his coming there was healed and he has not seen John of God yet.

As Bob saw the Medium for the first time, he was told to have a surgery the following morning. Bob had no idea what was going to be addressed during the surgery. Once outside he was testing his knee as it suddenly seemed to be without pain and very solid…which was a completely foreign feeling to Bob. Try as he may by walking on uneven ground, twisting and turning as he walked, he could not generate any discomfort. Bob realized he was healed, just like that.

Since the process of the Casa is to only see John of God once per day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, unless otherwise ordered to return, Bob was to experience meditation in the Current room that afternoon.

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According to Catholic tradition, the statue of the Black Virgin of Montserrat was carved by St. Luke around 50 AD and brought to Spain. It was later hidden  from the Moors in a cave (Santa Cova, the Holy Grotto), where it was rediscovered in 880 AD.

According to the legend of the discovery, which was first recorded in the 13th century, the statue was discovered by shepherds. They saw a bright light and heard heavenly music that eventually led them to the grotto and the statue.

The Bishop of Manresa, present at the discovery, suggested that it be moved to Manresa, but the small statue was discovered to be so heavy it could not be lifted. Thus the Virgin had indicated her will to stay on Montserrat to be venerated there.

By the 9th century, there were four chapels on Montserrat, of which only one remains – St. Aciscolo’s, which is in the monastery’s garden. In the 11th century, the abbot-bishop Oliba founded a monastery on the mountain of Montserrat, next to one of the chapels. Many miracles were reported through the intercession of the Virgin Mary at Montserrat.

According to historians, it was then,  in the 12th century, that the statue of the Madonna and Child was made. The Madonna statue soon earned widespread fame as numerous miracles were associated with the intercession of the Black Virgin of Montserrat.

Many of the first missionary churches in Mexico, Chile and Peru were dedicated to Our Lady of Montserrat and many saints and popes have visited the shrine over the centuries. St. Ignatius Loyola made a pilgrimage to Montserrat after being injured in war, and it was soon after that he wrote his famous Spiritual Exercises.

Due to the great numbers of pilgrims that flocked to Montserrat throughout the Middle Ages, the monastery was enlarged from its original humble size. In 1592, the grand basilica of Montserrat was consecrated.

In the late 18th century, almost the entire sanctuary was destroyed during the Napoleonic invasion. But due to the widespread devotion to the shrine, it was soon restored.

In 1881, Montserrat’s Black Madonna was crowned in accordance with Canon Law and proclaimed patron saint of Catalonia by Pope Leo XIII.

What to See

The Monastery of Montserrat, located near the top of the 4,000-foot mountain, is home to about 80 monks. The monks welcome visitors and invite them to participate in their daily celebrations of Mass and recitations of  the Liturgy of the Hours.

The Basilica, next to the monastery, is home to the revered La Moreneta, or Black Virgin. To visit the statue, enter the church through a side door to the right.

The statue of the Virgin, known in Spanish as La Moreneta, is a small Romanesque statue made of wood. It depicts a seated Black Virgin with the child Jesus on her lap. Her dark color is due to changes in the varnish with the passage of time.

The basilica also holds one of the monastery’s most noted attractions, the 50-member Escolanía, one of the oldest and most renowned boys’ choirs in Europe, dating from the 13th century. At 1pm daily you can hear them singing “Salve Regina” and the “Virolai” (hymn of Montserrat) in the basilica.

Walking paths and a funicular take visitors to Santa Cova (Holy Grotto), the traditional site of the discovery of the Black Virgin. The grotto dates from the 17th century and was built in the shape of a cross. The funicular goes halfway, but the rest of the trip must be made  on foot.


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