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The feeling is different. I woke up feeling so peaceful and bursting of love. I can feel LOVE. It was so quiet… I couldn’t hear the wind chime nor the fountain like I normally would as I awoke. I thought for a while, the window must be closed.

Last night I participated in the Global Coherence Initiative for the first time since I signed up. It is a non-religious group of people from all over, working to achieve reversing the negative situation in the world. It applies to areas where there is a calamity resulting from the Global Warming, where there is famine and war, it also affects the world increasing economic disasters and it is for all the people who are living in fear, chaos, people who may not be experiencing war and disasters but have seen life as a never ending hardship. Fifteen minutes of meditation sending true contribution of love in support of the focus on the current global stressors like Syria, Africa, North Korea among others. SInce I couldn’t be there to help, I thought I would do it this way.

It’s not until I woke up this morning that I felt something really strong. If what I had done last night, affected me this way I understand now how GCI works. I sent my love to the children of the war in Syria and to any men & women especially the old who are suffering because of humanities’ unconsciousness, and that love given out to the Universe seem to have come back to me. GCI knows how the universe works. Through the law of attraction, you receive what you give out. I feel the love of each of the 89,000 participants come back to me. The Universe multiples that and it would send more love to the people we send love to. This is how we are going to consciously change the world. This is what they are talking about, that the next civilization will be better than even the Golden Age. Our civilization will shift the sufferings and the negation of the world.

I am grateful for the people who have thought of this. You are the true heroes of the world. I thank God for inspiring these people and basically giving the world a second chance to get to know Him. He who is LOVE, He who brings joy to the world, He who is beauty beyond comprehension.


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EARTH HOUR 2010/03/27


Today we celebrate the Earth Hour. I don’t know how long this project has been around, this is the first time I will be part of it. I hope many are going to join in to help our planet.

For my part, I am starting my things to do to save the Earth, aside from recycling bottles, cans and plastic bottles and paper.

Here’s the list:

1. I started collecting all the food scraps, and used papertowel for weekly collection by the City.

2. I use the back of the paper that has been used, for rough draft materials for homeworks or projects.

3. Never throw paper,  put them all in the recycling bin. Not even one piece.

4. Looking at all my take out food, I feel guilty having all these plastic containers and aluminum.

I wash some of them and use it to put my cut vegetables during cooking preparation. I put the rest for recycling.

5. Don’t take out food. If I schedule my cooking, I will eliminate acquiring plastic containers.

6. Use recycling bags when going shopping. I have them, the thing is … I forget to bring them with me. I have to be more responsible, so,  if I don’t have them, I can’t shop.

7. Use up all grocery plastic bags and don’t add anymore by going home with them after shopping.

8. Stop buying water. To do so is to encourage manufacturing more of it. Imagine all that plastic bottles!

9. I will refrain myself from shopping for more things, and if I cannot use any items  personally, I should donate them, or bring them to Salvation Army. No, I will not throw them in my garbage can because it’s the easiest way to get rid of it.

10. Turn off the light. Use the daylight whenever I can.

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