Raising Vibration

While having breakfast, my husband was telling me a story about what he saw the other day in the library. A group of girls were using the study room and from the glass window he could see that they were actually studying. He commented “hmm, they are actually using the room for what it is intended.”  His attention was interrupted when two girls opened the door and asked the girls to leave because they said they reserved the room. The first group of girls thought they reserved it but they left anyway.

I must admit I couldn’t listen to all these. I asked him “why did you take note of this. You were not involved with them except that you were an observer of the situation and yet you allowed yourself to be bothered by what you were observing, to a point of telling the story now.”  We let situations around us get us wound up, creating a negative emotion when the situation is not really ours.  This is the same with traffic, we watch someone cut someone off, or one person did something unbelievable which at times is not to us, but we criticize and judge them based on what we see.


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I learned to ignore this. I don’t see why I should let this into my space, my vibration when really it doesn’t make me happy. The fact too is that the people whom I am observing don’t know me and don’t know I am even there.  When we talk about raising our vibration, we mean we must embrace all that is positive, all that good, all that is beautiful, all that is joyful, abundant, peaceful…ALL that GOD IS. When we stay in this state, our energy is high. Low vibration is when we allow anything negative, seeing the bad in a situation, things or people, or FOCUSING on what is not right in a situation or what others are doing. Staying in high vibration is when we practice LOVE. How can we be loving if we see the opposite of what is good. How can we send love to others when we fill our being with negative energy that doesn’t even belong to us but we chose to bring it into our being.  I know that before you can send love, you must be filled with love and that you must be a clear vessel for that love to be shared. One cannot be a vessel of pure love if part of that vessel is smudged by unloving thoughts or emotions. By being Love, we raise everyone’s vibration with us for WE ARE ALL ONE. Can you imagine if each and every one of us practice this way? I think when we talk about the coming of the New Era where all sufferings are gone and all we have is joy, each of us have a responsibility on how we feel. This not to change ourselves to be loving instantaneously. It helps to just be aware, be conscious on what we focus on. When we are conscious, we can choose what to follow…our hearts to be loving, or our minds that wants to think about who or what is right or wrong.


untitledToday, being a Wednesday, I connected with the Casa De Dom Inacio’s Current Meditation. It has been my practice since my visit to Abadiania in 2012. Most of the time when I meditate, I feel a surge of energy come to me. I have interpreted it as maybe me being a conduit of energy for those I love, sending healing light and love to them. Sometimes, I thought maybe this was a calling that I must do but today, during meditation something was different.

I began to prepare myself to receive energy, remembering the people I cared for, bringing them with me in thoughts so I could send them love, light and healing. Instead, I found myself asking God “How may I serve You today? “

I was surprised at the response I got. I was not directed to stay still and let the energy to flow to me, instead I found myself having conversation with God in my head. The answer that came to me was “I AM not over there. I AM here inside you, I live within you.” What I would like you to do is to create a place for me where I could happily reside. It’s like your own house, you like your house clean, beautiful, rich, happy and full of love. I want that paradise inside you where I reside. This is how you can serve me, because if you allow me to have this I can expand, I can experience bigger things because I AM comfortable, I AM in my own territory because I see Myself here, I AM welcome. If you can do this, I can create with you.” Then I imagined God being happy, wanting to play, leaping for joy like a child in this paradise saying “Let’s create, let’s create!” All of a sudden…I got it! This insight is about manifestation! I am being given another tool on how to create the life I want! Of course, if I create this paradise within me, I am able to align myself with what God is and because we are aligned, anything I want, He desires for me and together we will create that.

This make sense…if our inner self is full of things that weighs us down (which in comparison to the house we live in, are the garbage that we never dumped) they show up in our exterior life, our physical reality reflects our inner reality. I need to make sure that I don’t feel down about money issues, about health, relationships that are not working, work issues, I must make sure I don’t let anger stay longer, I don’t ever feel sorry for myself nor feel guilty ever, and that I should let go of past experiences that I have been reliving and the fear about the future. I didn’t realize that by doing these things that I so accustomed to and been living in an auto pilot, I am not serving God. Now I say YES! I will be HAPPY! If that is what takes to serve You, my God! I will be HAPPY! That way I can allow You to express Yourself through me.

Creative by Nature


“Control of consciousness determines the quality of life. If you are interested in something, you will focus on it, and if you focus attention on anything, it is likely that you will become interested in it. Many of the things we find interesting are not so by nature, but because we took the trouble of paying attention to them.

To overcome the anxieties and depressions of contemporary life, individuals must become independent of the social environment to the degree that they no longer respond exclusively in terms of its rewards and punishments. To achieve such autonomy, a person has to learn to provide rewards to herself. She has to develop the ability to find enjoyment and purpose regardless of external circumstances.

One needs to learn to control attention. In principle any skill or discipline one can master on one’s own will serve: meditation and prayer if one is so inclined; exercise…

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My upset with my esposo has been lingering for more than 24 hours and when it comes to him I could not let go so easily.

The day started just fine with him driving our daughter to the Ferry for her IB Art class excursion to Victoria. Since I wanted to say goodbye, I was up early as well. I found myself beginning work early to prepare whatever Bob needed to work his business. I took a late morning nap and when I got up it was 2 pm.

Quite hungry and still upset with him, I decided I would make a nice IHOP Brunch a la High Tea style for myself, inspired or more likely because I was envious that my daughter got to do high tea at the Empress Hotel before I do. I took out a tea set from the cabinet, chose the one I liked the most, and the tea plates that I seldom use. Because we are on a Paleo diet ( I really call it a lifestyle) I whipped some Lemon Blueberry Almond Pancakes (using almond meal and no flour), cooked some Turkey Cranberry Sausage and I thought some Kale omelette too but I discarded that the last minute and replaced it with Kerrygold cheese and watermelon. The tea I chose today was the Puerh tea.

As the food was cooking, I gathered some blue hydrangeas, my books, journals, camera and my water carry them all outside preparing a nice backyard setting to enjoy my only meal of the day so far.

I thought ” I have to pull away from this low vibration, it’s not good, I’m wasting a good part of my life focusing what is already over.” Since it’s not always easy like I said when it comes to my hubby, I needed to do something “beautiful.” Add peace, beauty and goodness ( all light and high vibration) to replace the dark, and ugly feeling of being angry. Now, I am grateful for Daphne’s high tea for it gave me an idea to apply on myself.

I cooked for both me & hubby of course, but I got to serve myself the brunch a la high tea style and he had to serve himself. I sat outside in the backyard and he sat in the nook area just behind me with a window in between us. Yes, we could still converse with each other. He dared not ask me if he could join me. I kind wanted him to, but at the same time, I also enjoyed eating alone, enjoying my setting alone.

I enjoyed watching the white butterfly that almost came charging at me only to stop as it hit the banner and a dragonfly came to pass by. The sky was blue, the breeze was warm and yet nice. The sound of the water fountain and the chime was soothing. I found myself watching two bees playing, smiling as I stared at them frolicking. Then a bee came close to my watermelon. I didn’t react nervously, in fact I calmly told it to “go away”. Three times and I saw it moved away and didn’t return. “AHA!”
what did I just learn here. In relationships, there will be bumps along the way. One can resolve it by harping on the blip. OR, if I really want to have a beautiful life, I cannot allow to waste it by being upset. I can choose to let low vibrational energies like anger, upset fall away FAST by replacing it with high vibrational energy like beauty, as in this afternoon’s case…nature, wonderful settings, healthy food, which eventually lead to LOVE. I tell you, all these blessings made me smile and it’s hard not to forgive and forget. It’s true, you cannot combat darkness with darkness. The saying an “eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth” is not how we find LOVE. If we want to be loving, we must find a space to love ourselves first, to allow us see you the light. Once we see the light, we return to aligning ourselves to God’s goodness and love and then with God’s grace we go back to being loving.

All is well, my hubby and I have patched up and as he said ” You are my angel, one with a mean streak but an angel regardless.






ImageWhen I am visited by FEAR, my weapon was to respond with LOVE for I know Love and Fear cannot exist together.

Last night’s meditation with the group was wonderful. I started affirming that I am LOVE. I imagined pink light, the colour of a rose quartz, radiating inside my body. I allowed it to glow sending the pink light to the people in the room, then sending it to my family then extending it outward to the world. Suddenly I stopped because I began feeling the love. This time I am receiving the love. The feeling of love when I was in Abadiania came back. I just reveled on the feeling until our meditation was over.

hokeypokeyGood morning Tuesday! Something got me excited when an unusual thing happened before I got up. I was awake but I kept my eyes closed. Suddenly, I saw I a small yellow light dot, which became bigger and bigger. It opened up into a shape of a picture. I saw a long metal post facing me and the floor where it was planted. I tried to hold on to this picture as long as I could because I know when these things occur; they don’t last. The picture was like a motion picture in the old days but the color was in yellow for a while and then it became black and white before it disappeared. This vision probably lasted 30-40 seconds.  I have no idea what the picture was about but I am happy that it seems like my third eye is starting to open up. I had snippets of clear visions in my mind before this but they were so short that I really couldn’t make out what they were. The first experience  I had, was when I was in the current room meditating in Abadiania. It caught me by surprise when I saw the sun, shining so bright and I was staring at it. That vision was so clear it lasted about as long as this last one. I don’t really know up to now why that appeared to me but someone interpreted it as the third eye when I was there.

Before Dec. 21st, there was a lot of talk in the Spiritual community about the Ascension of our planet Earth and the Humanity. There were so many Ascension symptoms shared by  people around the world. I became interested in knowing more as I too had been experiencing them. One of the things I found out was that we human beings as we become awakened we are capable of so many gifts and one of them is the power of the third eye. Some people are already born with it, but just because most are not, doesn’t mean we don’t have it. The readings suggested that to open the third eye, one must be aware of what they eat. I have slowed down my intake of coffee and tea. I drink coffee now only in the weekends. I am careful of what I eat, avoiding fried food which is not good for the pineal gland (the one that is associated with the third eye), and I don’t drink wine as much as I like. Last night I was very tempted because the suggestion of celebrating Valentine’s Day yesterday came up, so that we can drink wine because on February 14th, Bob will be on medication after his root canal. The wine is there waiting, in fact the white is already opened. The major deciding factor for me was “what is this going to do with my third eye?” As soon as that thought arrive, I let go the desire to drink the wine.

This morning’s experience was like small prize for being conscious and for putting importance to what I believe I could have…the power of my third eye. If the talk about Ascension was true to me then, I am more convinced of the truth of it. It’s like I’m in a position to choose what direction to take and it’s up to me to go forward or to stay in my old life, old self. As I demonstrate it to my hubby, it’s like dancing the hokey pokey. I put one foot in the Fourth Dimensional plane and then I pulled it back to the Third Dimensional world we live in. One thing I am sure is that I am going about this slowly, openly and with determination, patience and detachment.  Really, I am just enjoying the journey!

Tigers_eye_egg_shapeToday was a great day. I was upbeat, excited and just bubbly. However, I miss interaction with my husband because for the past few days, he has been suffering from a painful toothache. The infection was so bad that the dentist couldn’t even help fix it ’till the infection is controlled. Due to this, I must be absorbing all the negative energy that is in his system; imagine the pain, frustration, anger and feeling victimized. I couldn’t help but listen to how he is feeling. I would have reacted differently. I know how to heal my body fast or at the very least I know how to stop my body from contracting even more when in pain or ill. So, I felt frustrated too and I guess this affected my body. I could feel the pressure in my stomach. There was no pain, just a little knot, it’s like when you feel anxious, you can feel that knot in your gut. This uneasy feeling started when he began to have the toothache. Each day since, I ignored his whining. I had to protect my body. There was constant hugging but I remove myself as soon as there is a story about the pain.

When I picked my Angel card for the day, I got the Solar Plexus card. The solar plexus is where the abdominal area is located. I thought that it was perfect! The card asked me to pray to Archangel Michael to help me cut the cord of negative energy lingering in my solar plexus area. It explained why I might be having such negative feeling. It told me that it was okay for me to feel powerful. It assured me that what I am doing is alright. It suggested that I get a gemstone that pertains to the Solar Plexus. Citrine is the obvious one and fortunately, I have two small citrines to use.

I was getting ready to meditate. I decided to let go of my clear crystal and to substitute it with the citrine. As I passed by the dining area, I directed my eyes to the pair of Tiger Eyes stone on display. Yes! I had totally forgotten about it. Since we acquired them, I had not had a chance to use them for meditation. Tiger Eye is also the Solar Plexus stone and it is also the stone for new beginning, for helping with connecting the physical and spiritual aspects of life. The tiger eyes seemed to have called me to take them today, which is also the Chinese New Year. Considering where I am right now in life, it makes sense that I should work on my Solar Plexus Chakra as well. To me these are all coming together very nicely.

During meditation, I could feel the stones alive. It somehow activated the energy in my body. There was a tapping sensation on the side of my right eye, my left arm started pulsating, as well as my hands that were holding the stones and my lower back too. The usual experience such as cold air just above my nose and reflection of light with my eyes closed and in a dark room, arrived as well.

When I was done with my meditation, I decided to incorporate the tapping EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique) I have been learning during these past days. I started acknowledging the anxious feeling in my abdominal area as I tapped the meridian points of the body to clear the energy system. I have forgiven the feeling that was causing my solar plexus to contract and then I expressed the love for my body and my wish to help clear it from any negative energy. I reassured that part of my body, that all is well and that there was nothing to be fearful about. After maybe five rounds of tapping, I felt my stomach relax. There was definitely a lighter feeling.

Wow! I did it! Never will I allow any negative emotion to live in my system again. Thank you to the Tapping World Summit that I came across last week. Thank you God for sending me angels for guidance.

Like I said, I had a pretty good day. A day of self care. The day started with a healthy Paleo meal, then a walk by the river and now I am ending it with some Smooth Jazz music as I say Goodnight!